Audio Distractions: 11/09/2014


Sometimes I get distracted while working on some of my bigger projects, this is what happens....

Check out the LEDmas Tree I built at work: 14/12/2013

The tree

Check out more pictures and a video here!!

Brand new animations for my RGB Cube: 13/8/2013

Imagine Yourself Inside The LED Cube: 20/8/2012

Imagine This

The Future

Times By 10000


Cubes are no longer big enough, I want complete immersion...

A New Age: 15/7/2012

Led Cube

That's right, a new Joomla free age is here. I am in the process of completely redeveloping my site using only trusty notepad++. I got to a point where I wanted to know how my website actually worked, so I decided to ditch Joomla and learn HTML and CSS.
So in your travels if you find errors or things missing, please send me an email and let me know so I can get them fixed.

Nick Schulze