Unfinished Projects - Battery Powered Supply


It is one of those things that all nerds need to build at some point, an adjustable power supply. I decided to add a bit of a twist and make it battery powered. As it stands I have built the first prototype and found about 50 things that need to change, I plan to get back into it one of these days.

Audio Distractions: September 2014


Every now and then I get distracted by an odd project, over the last few weekends it has been building speakers.

Unfinished Projects - VolumELeD


I got about 20% of the way into building my giant LED cube... By giant I mean big enough to stand inside, when I pick it up again my first prototype is going to be 3m x 3m x 3m but the architecture is fully expandable.

Desk Box.. Thing: January 2014


I initially just wanted a usb hub on my desk, I soon decided I could build something a bit more useful. A bit of everything in here, from laser cutting to digital filters.

LEDmas Tree: December 2013


These days I don't get all that much time to play with my light displays at home, fortunately for me my boss seems to love lights just as much as I do. With Christmas getting closer my boss and I decided we needed to build a Christmas tree suitably capable of fulfilling our LED light needs.

RGB LED Cube: August 2013

RGB Led Cube

OK so I have finally found some time to begin writing the story of my RGB LED cube, this project was always going to be the next step in the evolution of my LED Cube. I can only hope that it will be as popular as my original cube, for those of you that followed my original cube project you will probably notice a few similarities.

Blue LED Cube: January 2011

Led Cube

This is exactly what it sounds like, an awesome flashing cube of LED's. After seeing a 512 LED cube on hackaday I decided that I needed one for myself and went right to ebay to find some cheap LED's. Although 512 LED's seems like a daunting number it only took one weekend to make the control circuit and construct the cube, the code and animations though took a few weeks, maybe coding isn't my thing. I will go through some of the steps and theory here and you can see the results in the video at the end.

CNC Router: December 2010

CNC Router

This project is so far one of my favorites, one uni holidays I decided that it would be handy to have a cnc machine, so I did the logical thing and started to design one.I quickly got distracted and gave up designing and just started building the thing and this is what I ended up with.

Fuzzy URN: June 2010

Fuzzy Urn

A friend of mine had an idea that he said required accurate control of water temperature, this got me thinking and I figured it was a good opportunity to have a play. To control the temperature I decided to try and put some of the theory I was taught at uni into practice.

LED Hat: July 2011

Led Hat

This ridiculous hat is one of my typical procrastination projects. During swatvac for my final exams I got invited to a friends hat themed Birthday party. With nothing better to do (well apart from study for my exams) I decided that I wanted to win the best hat prize, and figured I could use up some of the spare LED's I have laying about after my LED cube project in the process.

Ultimate Road Test: July 2012


The ultimate road test was a competition I entered recently where I got to play with a whole lot of Texas Instruments goodies, including the MSP430 FRAM board and the CC3000 WIFI module.