LEDmas Tree: December 2013

This is a project I got to design and build at Applidyne in Adelaide

These days I don't get all that much time to play with my light displays at home, fortunately for me my boss seems to love lights just as much as I do. With Christmas getting closer my boss and I decided we needed to build a Christmas tree suitably capable of fulfilling our LED light needs.

I can’t give too much away on this one unfortunately but I can show it off a bit with some photos and a video. We are looking for feedback on this one to see if we have a potentially viable product on our hands.

What we have designed and built in the last few weeks is a demonstration of what we would love to turn into a product for next Christmas, so if you are interested send me an email or comment below.

The Parts

The Trunk

Trunk Pieces

The Disks

Disk Pieces

The LEDs

LED strips

The Star

Star off

Star on

Putting it all together

Building it

Just missing the star

Assembled Off

Light it up!

Tree on 1

Tree on 2

Tree on 3

Finally the tree in action!